How to organize a trip

Planning a trip, whether long or short, can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! In this blog, we’ll show you how to take the stress out of planning a trip, by laying out a simple step-by-step guide that’ll ensure you don’t forget anything. Now you can stop stressing and start making your travel dreams a reality!

5A’s of Tourism


Generally, when I have 2 or 3 options in mind I ask myself some common questions to decide the final destination:
First thing in my mind is where, when and how to go?

Where to go?

How many vacation days do I have and how much money do I want to spend?

• What is the weather going to be on the dates I want to go?

• What kind of trip do I want to do?


In order to help you organizing a trip and find your flights, here are some tips:

• What flight search engine do I use?, Skyscanner, expedia, agoda and Momondo etc.
Search flights in incognito window.

• When is it better to book flights?
There are millions of theories. If you want to book a flight you would have to do it 6 months in advance. If it were long distance, it would be best to book between 25 and 30 weeks in advance.

What flight do I choose?
All search engines give you infinite options. Direct flight? With stops? Tourist or business? Do I want to leave in the morning and return at night? This already depends on each one!

• What company do I want to fly with?
according to your preferences. I personally always avoid traveling with low cost companies, because in the end cheap is expensive… And if you can choose between good companies, find out which one is the best. There are so many options like Qatar, Emirates, Air France, Air India, Singapore Airlines etc.


Book a hotel

I have used millions of hotel search engines, but for a long time I only look at two: Booking and Expedia. I have to say that in both you can book hotels but also apartments.

As a priority I use Booking and I only book with Expedia if it is cheaper. The good thing about Booking is that it has a loyalty program.

Book an apartment

If you prefer an apartment, I will always recommend that you look for it on AirBnB. And finally, take a look at the usual things: apartment services, map with location, check-in and check-out information…


I want to differentiate this section from the previous one, because in this I am going to refer to paid activities and excursions.

There are many companies that organize excursions to nearby cities, or activities in the city you visit.

Before you go on a trip, do not forget to research the available companies and their activities in case there are any that you want to book.


Travel Tips:

In this step I wanted to include all the travel tips that you have to look at when planning a trip.
Do I need to get vaccines?
Is it better to hire a travel insurance?
Do they ask for a visa in the country of destination?
What currency do they use in the city I go to and
Where do I change the money?

Hundreds of questions will arise!

Health and travel insurance

For some destinations, such as tropical areas or areas at risk of contracting diseases, it will be essential that you get vaccinated for certain things.

Always carry a small travel kit. It is always advisable to bring some medicine from home, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, omeprazole… The typical things!

And finally, travel insurance. Vital on certain trips! If you go to europe for a few days, it would not be necessary to take out travel insurance because in theory it covers us because they are European countries. I always take it for countries outside of Europe. For example, it is vital to take it to go to the US because anything related to Health is super expensive; or to go to any Asian country, where any bug can bite you.


When deciding on a destination, don’t forget to check if you need a visa. I have to say that having a strong passport of your country is an advantage because normally we do not need a visa to go almost anywhere. But don’t stop checking it! There are so many good website from where you can take visa. I always use app. I will attach the link of

You can apply from this link :-

Apply Online link:


In this case you may have several doubts. Currency exchange, where to change money, commissions when you use ATMs or make purchases…

There are cards with very good conditions to travel, but I only recommend them if you’re an avid traveler. If you travel from time to time, I would use my bank card and, if I charge fees, I would bring cash.

And this is my complete guide about organizing a trip in easy steps! If you think that I should add any more steps please do not hesitate to tell me.

I hope to help you with your trip planning! But if anyone is very lazy about all this, you can also ask me about my travel experience and I will help you.

Cheer up and good luck!


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