Holiday Destination Of India


(Rome of East)

Goa is a tourism hub of India and it also is known as ‘Pearl of the Orient‘, ‘Pearl of India‘, ‘Rome of the East‘. Goa is a very small town in terms of areawise.
Panaji is the capital of Goa and the largest city of goa is Vasco da Gama.
There are so many different names of goa such as Gomanta, Gomantak, Gopakapuri, Govem, and Govapuri.
There is a large number of tourists comes every year whether it is international or domestic tourist comes to see its white-sand beaches, its nightlife, place of worship and its world heritage Portuguese architecture and its rich flora and fauna. There are major cities of goa which include Panaji, Vasco da Gama, Margao, Ponda, Mapusa, valpoi and bicholim.
Goa is divided into 2 parts:-

1. North goa and
2. South goa

Brahma Temple of Goa

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It is the only temple in Goa that is dedicated to Lord Brahma. And it is also one of the few important temples found in India that is dedicated to Lord Brahma.
One of the three, Brahma the Creator is the odd one out: He has less than 10 temples dedicated to him alone in the whole of India.
It constitutes the Trimurti of the Hindu pantheon – Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (shiva).
It is not as well known as the Brahma temple of Pushkar Rajasthan.
Brahma temple of goa is also known as Brahma Karamali temple.
The idol worshipped here is of the 11th-century masterpiece of sculpture. This temple is located at carambolim which is near Panjim.

Tales of Goa

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As we would find in most of the Hindu scriptures, Goa has a special name known as Gomanta which also means the region of cows. According to popular mythological beliefs, the said sixth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, which also goes by the name, Parashurama was known for the creation of the Goan region. Fire sacrifices have been performed by some ten sages along with Parashurama in the legendary lands of goa

The quintessence of Sanskritization in the Goan culture has said to be created and initiated with the settlement of Parashurama and the sages from north and they are known to be coming from the brahminical dominance over the area, If we walk down the history lane, another legend has come across, according to whom the lands of goa are considered sacred for it spiritually and divine cleansing touch.

Major cities of goa

Panaji / Panjim

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It is the official capital of goa and the major attraction for all the tourists. It still has old Portuguese influence that can be witnessed on the small lanes, hanging balconies, & red roofs. Even some bars and cafes have Portuguese signboards.

Vasco da Gama

It is goa’s largest city. Vasco is named after the Portuguese explorer comes to India and explore the goa. the town along with the mormugao harbour is important for shipping wares and mining centers .goa International Airport is also located in Vasco.


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It is the 2nd largest city of goa and also the commercial capital of the state. In the Portuguese era, it consists of 9 temples but later on Portuguese destroyed all the temples and make churches. There is an alteration of its Konkani name Mathagram.


It is the cultural capital for Goan Hindus. The manages temple, Mahalaxmi temple, Mahalsa temple, Nagesh temple,& Shanta Durga temples are worth to watch more than once for their beautiful architecture. It is also called as ” land of temples “.


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Mapusa is mainly known for its famous flea market in Goa. All the vendors from goa come to sell their products at a discounted price. There are two famous beaches in goa and proximity to Rio de Mapusa river have made it a tourist point.

Velha / Old goa

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Old Goa is a spiritual heart of the Portuguese goa. It is founded by the Bijapur sultan on the banks of the River Mandovi. Now it marked by UNESCO World Heritage Site. The earliest settlement in old goa is called Ela. There are many famous churches in old goa like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of St.Francis of Assisi.

Beaches of North Goa

Morjim beach

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Morjim beach is famous for its nesting ground for olive ridley sea turtles. It is backed by a smattering of beach bars and shacks.

Baga beach

It is all placed beside a long stretch of golden sand beach. It has an entirely different atmosphere to that of its neighbor’s beach. It has a vibrant atmosphere and aromatic & welcoming beach shacks.

Candolim & Calangute

It is a long strip of golden sand and it has long stretched to its coastline. This beach is famous among all European tourists spending their holidays in Goa. And it is also famous for its delicious Goan curry among tourists.


Sinquerin beach is decorated with a small collection of beach shacks and backed by towering palm trees and also a long curve of sand. It is a beautiful beach to lay your beach towel and relax.

Beaches of South Goa


It is a beautiful long and wide stretch of golden sand, its clear blue water & a dense forest of palm. It has superb beach shacks such as Zeebop and it also serves some delicious and fresh seafood to the hungry goan.


Photo credit: Rizwanuddin Rafiq

It is a golden soft sand beach and it is one of the most picturesque beaches in south Goa. It is so quiet and relaxed beach where we can try very tasty Goan delicacies and enjoying a refreshing chilled beer.

Benaulim & Varca

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It is a wonderful beach for rest & relaxation and also we can do water sport, dolphin watching and plenty of things to do. It is a soft white sand beach backed by palm trees and a picturesque beach.


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Mobor is an alluring, laid back hangout place and it is perfect for the tourists. In the notion of rejuvenation here, it is given the spectacular view of soft white sand & the rustic beach shacks will welcome you & keep you fed & watered throughout your stay.


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It is one of the finest beaches of South Goa and it is incomplete without a visit to cola beach. On this beach, we can host a ” Maharaja Night ” where you can camp overnight in a comfortable safari tent just right on the sand. It is a quiet & peaceful, amid the blissful beach.


Palolem is a long curve of palm-fringed sand. It is the safest beach for swimming in the goa. Palolem beach still maintains its charm & character here that we can found best serving local tasty food in the ramshackle beach huts.