Your favorite travel snacks

• Seasonal fruits. A healthy food to pack for a road trip is seasonal fruit. …

• Roasted nuts and seeds. Take our advice and have a travel snack with nuts and seeds while travelling. …

• Baked potato chips. Chips are probably a favourite of people of any age. …

• Salted popcorn. …

• Vegetable sandwich.

• Sandwiches

• Peanuts

• Aloo puri

• Karela & paratha

• Chips

• Cuppa noodles

• Dry Fruits

• Biscuits

• It’s a never-ending list as there are ample options for travel snacks.
I almost always travel with small packages of crackers, nuts & raisins, tea bags, instant coffee, instant hot chocolate, ramen noodle soup, bran cereal. I carry my trusty thermos.

With these basics, I can make myself breakfast (coffee/nuts/raisins), an afternoon snack (tea/crackers), a light dinner in my hotel room (ramen), a hot chocolate before I hit the sack.

Generally, when I arrive someplace- I’ll buy, for example an apple, lemon, orange carrot, banana etc, and some alternative milk product. I put fruit/nuts raisins in my bran cereal for breakfast, throw a carrot in my ramen, and have milk in my tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

Lastly- I put a couple of shots of vodka in a small plastic container- just in case I’d like a cocktail. I can squeeze the orange and have a screwdriver or use the lemon and make a LemonDrop.

I generally find that I’m fairly prepared.


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