Pre-Vacation Checklist

A week or two weeks before

• Arrange to board pets/ have someone care for them
• Stock up on pet food/supplies
• Ask the gardener to water plants/ and to mow while you’re gone
• Clear all your pending bills before you leave for your trip
• Refill prescription
• Program emergency number into your cell phone
• Set reminders for any specific work

A few days before

• Notify a trusted neighbour of your travel plans
• Drop off a spare key to your neighbour
• Mail your itinerary to a close friend or any other family member
• Lock all the equipment like ( bikes, cars etc)

The Day Before

• Check all the reservations if it is confirmed or not like ( car rental, hotel, shuttles, adventure activities etc)
• Online check-in for flight and print boarding passes
• Print reservations, maps, e-tickets, deal vouchers, itinerary etc
• Charge all electronic devices before you are leaving for any trip.
• Clean out the fridge
• Carry some extra cash and ATM for spending money
• Check the weather before you are leaving
• Hide all the valuables in the locker.

Right before you leave

• Switch off all the appliances before you are leaving for the trip.
• Unplug small kitchen appliances
• Unplug computers and tv
• Check the washer and dryer for wet laundry
• Run the kitchen disposal and clean the kitchen drain
• Dispose of all the trash
• Turn off the main water knob to avoid plumbing problem while you’re out for trip.
• Check locks on doors and windows
• Set the security or alarm system on.

If you are headed on a road trip

• Check tire pressure and tread depth
• Check oil
• Check windshield washer fluid
• Check brake fluid
• Check coolant level
• Check automatic transmission fluid
• Check headlight, turn signal and brake light
• Check spare tire
• Check/restock car first aid kit
• Refill the car tank
• Clean out the car and vacuum
• Remove extra items from the trunk
• Install rooftop carrier
• Pack a spare key


One comment

  1. Good advice here. I need to keep up with these pointers as a digital nomad because even though we are sans home – aka homeless by choice 😉 – we are moving, changing locations and switching things up on a weekly basis, at times. Moving demands one to be aware. Checklists definitely bring ideas into your awareness.

    We are moving on once again tomorrow. Let the checklist checking commence!



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