How to Plan A Road Trip

In the post covid-19 era, travel trend are going to see a major shift from long distance international trip to local travel and small holidays, day trips. Road trips are going to be the new trend after Covid-19. Road trip can discover the country with flexibility and you can hit the road trip with your friends or family, after being stuck at home for months. Here are some tips and tricks that will make your road trip a smooth and memorable ride.

Pre-trip Preparation

Before you leave for trip

• License & Registration
• Insurance Card
• Passport (If multi countries in road travel)
• Car Manual
• Extra Set Of Keys Inside Your Pocket
• Maps Or GPS Ready

Check Car Essential

•  Spare Tire & Car Jack
•  Jumper Cable
•  Car Tools
•  Tire Pressure & Fuel
•  Servicing Of Car A Week Before You Travel
•  Car Charges For Electronic Devices You Carry
•  FIRST AID Kit & Garbage Bags
•  24 HRS ASSISTANCE Helpline Nos

On the Trip

Where to plan a road trip

• Decide the destination
• Check the weather
• Pre-book your stay

What to pack for road trip

• Get your all paper ready
• Pack an emergency kit
• Get your bagpack ready
• Pack cleaning items
• Pack road trip snacks, healthy items
• Make a road trip playlist
• Carry cash with you

When on road trip

• Download maps
• Eat light and right
• Take frequent stops
• Share driving responsibilities
• Ride by sunrise and park by sunset
• Keep some buffer time for unplanned detours due to google aunty
• Don’t overcrowded the vehicle
• Choose your travel companions

Safety on Road Trips

• Get plenty of sleep before the journey
• Be alert at all times
• Avoid leaving valuables
• Activate child safety locks
• Avoid pulling over on the side of the road
• Prepare yourself for special conditions
• Keep you loved ones informed about your live location.

Hygiene on Road Trips

• Disinfect your car
• Wash your hand and wear mask
• Choose a Hygiene place to stay and eat
• Take supplements to boost your immunity
• Follow all the Covid-19 related guidelines.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take a pictures and capture all the good memories you’ll make on this roadtrip. Be safe and enjoy your road trip.

Happy Road Tripping!!


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