Tips for Airline Travel

1. Sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

2. Book separate one-way flights for better deals and vice versa for return flight also.

3. Book non-US airlines if possible they have better amenities.

4. Understand Code Shares to earn miles on partner airlines.

5. Book an economy ticket with a Y or B booking code to get upgrades.

6. Score discounted fares by pretending you’re somewhere else when booking.

7. Clear your cookies and search history for cheaper fares.

8. Download your airline’s app for flight info and paperless boarding.

9. Know that you have a 24-hour window to get a refund.

10. Fly on a Boeing 767 they have fewer middle seats than other planes.

11. Prepare a go-bag of essential items.

12. Keep an extra set of cables and chargers ready.

13. Pack a squishy carry on that can squeeze into most overhead bins.

14. Roll clothing up and pack in air-compression plastic bags.

15. Pack dark clothing to quickly match outfits and hide stains.

16. Pack rolled-up socks inside your shoes.

17. Put the heaviest items at the bottom of your bag to keep it balanced.

18. Many airlines offer free. stopovers, so go check out some extra cities.

19. Make some extra money by volunteering to get bumped off your flight.

20. Check your credit cards for travel perks like free rental car insurance.

21. Buy a day pass to a swanky airport lounge.

22. Subscribe to Boingo Wi-Fi to save money on in-flight internet and roaming charges.

23. Combat jet lag by adjusting your sleep and meals in advance of your trip.

24. Booze, caffeine, and heavily processed food dehydrate you-making jet lag worse.

25. Get in-flight food faster by requesting a kosher or vegetarian meal.

26. Skip the line at arrivals, and instead grab a cab in the departure zone.

27. Make free calls abroad by using voice messaging on WiFi. 


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