How to stay healthy while traveling?

Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated while traveling

Water is life, and staying hydrated is essential to your health. When you are travelling, you are in a situation where you are dehydrating your body. The air-conditioning on the plane is dehydrating. Long plane trips combined with alcohol are extremely dehydrating to your body. So have a healthy start, say no to alcohol and instead drink lots of water on the plane. It makes an immense impact on stay healthy while traveling.

Stay eat Healthy food while traveling

Depending on which region you are travelling, if you become less physically active, your body will burn few calories and your body will kickstart fat stores. Therefore, it is paramount to stick to cooked, nourishing foods instead of processed, refined foods; basically avoid junk and fast foods. Try preparing winter soups, stews, and one-pot meals and freshly cooked food. Strive for cooked and less raw foods. Think hearty and nourishing!

Take care of your personal hygiene while traveling

Everything you touch on a plane, bus or train has had many hands touch it. You’ve heard it repeatedly, wash your hands! These words are most significant when travelling. Make sure to do it as often as you can and always before eating. Additionally, carry wet wipes and hand sanitizer in your bag. Use them liberally during flights and tours, especially if you are touching things like handrails and when there is no soap and water available. Also, avoid touching your face. And if someone is coughing nearby, walk away and aim for at least 1.5 metres space between you. Your priority is, to stay healthy while travelling. Always be vaccinated when you are travelling.

Do some physical exercises to stay healthy while traveling

Even a workout for 15 minutes will help you feel energized and stronger. You can do a mix of squats, lunges, planks, jumps, push-ups, luggage rows, crunches, reverse crunches. Even the bare minimum of exercise should help you to stay healthy while traveling.

Take rest and stay away from stress while traveling

Try to get a good night’s sleep the day before you travel, and maintain a regular sleep schedule as much as possible while on your trip. At least take minimum rest of 6 hours a day while traveling.

Be Proactive!

Carry a basic first aid kit. Things to include:

• Cold & flu relief medicine (if you usually take them).

• Adhesive bandages of various sizes.

• Paracetamol and ibuprofen for headaches, pain, hangovers, fevers or any injuries. 

• Sunscreen and insect repellent.

• Motion sickness tablets.

• Anti-diarrhea medicine. 

• An antibiotic ointment. 

Travel is one of my loves as well, but if we get sick then we have fewer opportunities to enjoy our journeys. Use these simple tips to help you stay healthy and make the most of your travels. Always ensure to take travel insurance while you’re traveling.


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