Top 10 things to do in Goa

What are must-do things in Goa?

Goa is not the place you visit once and cross off from your list. After the first visit it becomes an urge and after the second, a tradition! This Portuguese Shangri-la on Indian soil has so many charming worlds that even the most seasoned travelers can’t make the best of their Goan holiday. But when in Goa, do as the Goans do. Here is a list of Must-do activities that will redefine your trip to Goa.

1. Beauty and the Beach

It has to start with the beaches! While beaches in North Goa steal the limelight, South Goa beaches are less crowded. We nominate Arossim Beach and Utorda Beach near the town of Majorda for the best South Goa beach award. For North, Baga, Calangute and Anjuna bag the ‘people’s choice award’! Water sports on these beaches include jet-skiing (water scooter as we know it), parasailing (the view from the top is worth it), scuba diving (the scintillating undersea life compensates for the missing corals) and falling from a banana boat (most adventurous of the lot). To make the best of your beach experience, book yourself a room in one of the best resorts in North Goa.

2. Spicy Sights

Visit a spice plantation in Goa!

No, it’s not what you thought really! I’m talking about visiting the Spice Plantation in the Ponda area called Sahakari spice plantation and your nostrils will remind you why Europeans came to India! This largest spice farm of the region lets you pluck and taste pepper, bite a Peri Peri (hottest chilies of the world), bathe through an ‘elephant shower’, and feast on a traditional Goan lunch cooked with farm spices. While not many visit spice gardens plantations in Goa, those who do, praise them no less than the beaches.

3. Old is Gold!

Famous for the architecture, Goan churches are worth a visit.

In Panjim, history comes alive. This is Old Goa, the state capital for the better part of three centuries and known as the ‘Rome of the East’. The cavalcades of churches, convents, museums, art galleries, government buildings, bungalows, and bakeries together make it tough to suggest what to not see in South Goa. Yet, Basilica of Bom Jesus (for its architectural magnificence) and Sé de Santa Catarina (the largest church in Old Goa) are the most visited ones. Not to forget, Old Goa is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are a few great hotels in South Goa where you can stay to make the most of your trip.

4. Enter the Jungle!

A wildlife sanctuary in Goa? Yes, it’s true!

Yes, Goa has wildlife much more exciting than its nightlife! The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park have animals like the panther, sloth bear, mouse deer and even barking deer. Then there are 200 species of birds including the Indian great black woodpecker, Malabar pied hornbill, paradise flycatcher, fairy bluebird, emerald dove, and kingfisher. This peaceful sanctuary in the foothills of the Western Ghats (known as Sahyadri in Konkani) can be visited from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on all days.

5. The Uncommon Market of Ingo

Shop till you drop at the lively markets!

Once upon a not so long time ago, a German named Ingo set up this new market on leased property. Fondly known as Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar, this market in Arpora is on for about six months of winter and presents a potpourri of junk jewelry, imported T-shirts, hippie merchandise, Indian and global cuisine from Rajasthan and Kashmir to Turkey, Spain and the rest of Europe! For non-shoppers, Daniel’s Bar often sees a DJ playing there, for the market. Even without this, music plays throughout the day and gets groovier by the night, say around 11 pm.

6. Dolphin Drive

Take a dolphin cruise in Goa in the afternoon.

The dolphins are a way better sight in reality than on Animal Planet! A dolphin cruise in Goa is therefore exciting for the old and the young alike. Dolphins pepping out of the sea around your boat in a graceful motion is best savored by eye and saved on the camera. The dolphin cruise trip is flanked with a day-long tour of Grand Island, ideal for a peaceful picnic.

7. A Tryst with History

Take a break and head to the Naval Aviation Museum

While ‘museum’ is a monotonous word for some, it has a new meaning in Goa. A congregation of Hindu artifacts in a Portuguese-cum-colonial setup with stories of two worlds makes these museums quite different than our usual perception. For instance, The Archaeological Museum of Old Goa has some Hindu relics and bronze statues of two famous Portuguese men set amidst the robust Portuguese architecture. There are many more museums worth visiting in Old Goa like The Naval Aviation Museum and Institute Menezes Braganza.

Now, some ‘Food for Thought’!

8. Mum’s Kitchen

Everyone loves the food at Mum’s Kitchen!

This restaurant in Panjim, the capital of Goa, offers Portuguese and Goan cuisine in a finger-licking blend. The raw mussel fry is spicy and delicious. One good thing about Mum’s Kitchen is the variety of healthy vegetarian dishes on the menu. After a scrumptious meal, head to the downtown area to pick up souvenirs like cashews and footwear, and enjoy a good night’s sleep at one of these hotels in Panjim.

9. Martin’s Corner

Try the seafood at Martin’s Corner!

Near Majorda in South Goa is Betalbatim, a small village with a famed restaurant, called Martin’s Corner, Sachin Tendulkar’s favorite restaurant. The food here is legendary. King crabs, prawn vindaloo, garlic chicken, and seafood that is mixed with sauces and spices. These are just some of the reasons why celebrities, locals, and tourists flock to Martin’s Corner. Here’s the best part – a meal for two costs around Rs. 600.

10. St. Anthony’s Beach Shack

Relax with food and drinks at Baga Beach

At the beginning of Baga Beach is St. Anthony’s bar, restaurant, and shack. Once the sun sets behind the sea, this place gets livelier by the minute. Picture this, tables with candle-lamps and beach chairs by the water with live music or karaoke performances in the background. The delicious seafood or vegetarian dishes wash down well with anything from local beer to wine. Another indulgence at St. Anthony’s is thflavoreded hookah, which can get stronger and naughtier with vodka inside it! Adjacent to St. Anthony is Britto’s, another restaurant and shack famed for its food and service. I however have brighter memories of the former.

So this was my list of top 10 things to do in Goa.



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